We're more than a company.

Mix Maker is a community of independent creatives--all capable of hitting the mark without the high rates.

As a remote collective of makers, our costs are low and our experience enables us to produce a variety of marketing components needed to grow your business.

Whether you need a little help with a project or a lot of help to meet your long-term objectives, we got you.

Meet the Makers

Eleni Aman


Eleni breathes life into brands by specializing in brand identity and website design. Regardless of the project, it's her mission to help you make your mark.

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Skye Giebink


Idiosyncratic, efficient, and meticulous, Skye's style is 20 years in the making. You won't find a sharper videographer or a faster editor in the area. We sure haven't.

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John Larson


John posseses an extraordinary ability for capturing the human experience. Prior to his return from NYC, his work was nominated for an Academy Award as well as a Peabody Award. 


Nate Poeppel


Nate's got more than a good ear. As our premier audio expert, he can help your business capture and sustain emotion you can hear. Work with him on your next podcast or event production.


Vince Danh


Much more than a multimedia maker, Vince is the ultimate team player. Bringing more than a decade of business development to each client, he maintains a sharp focus on the bigger picture while composing the many pieces it's comprised of.

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Andrea Van Essen


Andrea believes that everyone has a story, and she knows just how to pull the details together. Whether you’re sharing a quick update or building your brand, she makes it happen with clear, efficient, and memorable writing.


Meet The Makers


Ngoc Thach

Founder | Maker-in-Chief

To answer your first question, my name is Vietnamese and you can confidently pronounce it as "Nahk."

Before I created this space for independent creatives and small business clients, I served a network of business owners as a director of public relations and VP of communications for a franchise company. Working as a conduit between our creative and business minds, I recognized communication as the largest common denominator for successful and unsuccessful media production efforts. 

By leading each Mix Maker project with a communication-first mindset, I work to ensure each effort is a cohesive component of your business's long-term growth objectives while meeting your creative needs in the moment.